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Longer Passwords Enhance Computer Security

It's tempting to use short passwords; they are easier to type and easier to remember.

more Longer Passwords Enhance Computer Security

Two Factor Authentication

With the epidemic of online fraudulent activities, such as phishing scams, we must all get used to the additional burdens of multiple layers of security.

more Two Factor Authentication

NT Password Length -- The LM Hash Factor

You may have heard that a longer NT password actually could be less secure. Be careful with the reasoning behind this statement, as it must be qualified, in terms of why longer would not be better, and quantified, in terms of which password lengths could be worse.

more NT Password Length -- The LM Hash Factor

Improve Your System Security -- Seven Simple Steps

The effort needed in achieving total computer system security seems overwhelming. There is always something else you could do to improve your security stance. You might be surprised, then, if I told you that just one step could accomplish this goal:

more Improve Your System Security -- Seven Simple Steps

Any Backup?

If your business depends on even one computer, you must do backups. Conversely, if you cannot justify the cost of doing backups -- either in terms of time or money -- you cannot justify using a computer for your business.

more Any Backup?

Computer Security and Your Enterprise

Almost daily we are swamped with media reports and anecdotes about Internet worms, viruses, and worse, direct remote attacks launched against organizations of all sizes. In recent years, most large corporations and agencies have invested considerable time and money in protecting computer resources, privacy and information. Still, we know that newer, ever more sophisticated exploits are discovered in the wild at an alarming rate.

more Computer Security and Your Enterprise

Generate ROR Sitemaps -- Free!

New! Generate ROR sitemaps online.

Generate Random Passwords -- Free!

Strong passwords are your first line of defense in protecting your systems. Use this free password tool to create your new password. Small or medium business owners, enterprise managers and employees alike will find valuable password guidelines and tips on our Password Security 101 page.

What Keeps You Awake At Night?

Your feedback is important to us. If you own or manage a small- or medium-sized business, tell us about the security issues that concern you the most. Your feedback will help provide focus for future articles and features on this website. Please visit our Contact page to let us know, or if you have questions or comments.

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